19 January 2010

Blog Love: Idée Géniale

Good Morn!  I am here in sunny Florida, enjoying a quiet day by the pool.  I'll be meeting up with a friend later and perhaps going to this amazing Japanese garden to oogle some Bonsai (can one oogle Bonsai?  or must one contemplate Bonsai?).


Today is the beginning of what I hope to be a new series of posts here at Pretty, Please.  I want to take a few moments each week to show our lovely readers some even lovelier blogs.  One of my newest favorites is Idée Géniale  which is French for Bright Idea.  Each day, this Brooklyn-Canadian lady bird shows the world how to put together some great outfits.  One thing I really appreciate is her ability to re-use pieces in completely new ways as well as her ability to layer...and I tell you, layering well is a serious fashion skill.  Follow her blog for a few weeks, and you'll find yourself wearing dresses as blouses, darting up skirts with pins, and following her "how to" advise for hair and makeup.


Pop on over and tell her we sent ya!

{ all images courtesy idée géniale }
{ except the first image, by moi! }


idée_géniale said...

what a sweet surprise! Thank you so much!!! I'm so so flattered!

UmberDove said...

she's so freaking adorable!


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