20 June 2008

friday. day FOREVER of you being gone.

last night, we drove by your house. i said to husband, "joel, i miss kelly." he said..."awwww." lame. but i do.

so i am newly subscribed to dailycandy.com, and they send me emails about seattle and such, it's very great. erin turned me onto this - though she does the savannah daily candy (oooh, new idea. we should totally go to Savannah! you would LOVE it there, it's the most charming downtown city!). anyway, in today's email installment of daily candy, there was a featured portlandier jewelery artist. Her stuff is lovely, but the big deal about her? SHE NAMES HER PIECES AFTER POEMS!!!

Whoa. I was really excited there. But if I were making jewelery, I would CERTAINLY name them after poems.

Oh, yesterday I saw some kitty cats on Craigslist and got so super excited about getting one, gonna start working on Joel for that. I think I will name the cat either Zissou or Huckabee - that way I can call it FUCKabee when it is bad. (have you seen I Heart Huckabees?)

Have you ever seen my parent's missionary website? Well, they have pictures on there - so maybe you want to see? It's my mom and step dad.

While perusing SF Girl today, I found this! I would like to state for the record that I want to be this person - this style. It's exactly what my 30s needs, to go 20s retro!

This entire post actually kicks lots of ass...read the comments. I went to the Noa Noa website, and it turns out they don't have stores in the US, damn America!

I have been aching for some new summer pieces to my wardrobe. I can't get those shorts out of my mind, but KNOW i can find some for cheaper.

So it won't let me grab the picture, but check out this pantry! I am just so over cheap furniture, you know? I want to buy pieces that I will love for a lifetime! This pantry CERTAINLY does it for me.

Well the etsy homepage today was very nautical, so cute...but nothing else to speak of. Maybe it's time I did some treasury finds!
well that was a bad idea. the treasury is super full - still have never been able to get into it.

well i just put about a gazillion new dresses on my esty wishlist - in persuit of that 20s feel. may as well play up the hair, right? some view of wishlist:
well, you can see for yourself.

i took the most fabulous walk today - to deliver some papers. it's the art deco building downtown, just west of the purple cafe - called the Seattle Tower. It was breaktaking! We must go see this lobby next time we are around there. The walk to and from was also rather rejuvenating...sunny but chilly in the shade - a perfect seattle day.

tonight joel and i plan to walk to artemis - the cafe at the north end of bellevue ave. we are gonna have a date. i am looking forward to a nice bordeaux and a lazy night.

tomorrow we are hosting tice and niki for dinner - so must think about preparing a menu for that. sunday we are having brunch at jessica's house, her mother is just so great. we went there last night for dinner- j&j were there too, so it was lovely to catch up. we had some fabulous pasta and very delicious beet salad - lots of wine, a trip down jessica's childhood memory lane, and a game of apples-to-apples - which joel promptly ruined by cheating. i am sure you know his cheats by now.

well, off to lunch. gonna grab a hot dog at westlake center and chat with jackie.

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UmberDove said...

This whole blog has me in the best of ways - perfectly overstimulated, just a LITTLE welling up in the eyes, and OH MY GOD so ready to be chatty about all the fabulous things you have found!!!!!
I feel like I want to comment on every single point you made but I suppose I'll just have to narrow it down.

I really love that "bathing beauties" page - you could channel '20s with such success. Those pics made me want another photo shoot for you, all soft and demure, slightly overexposed and breathtakingly flippant.

Yeah, what has been up with the Etsy front page lately? I've been rather bored with it too. But I think I have a theory on it, but its not that exciting and would take way too long to really explain here (so I'll just explain over the steaming bowl of pho I plan on bringing you later today).

Ok, I really want to be added as an author on this one - it seems like such fun!!!!!!

smoochie lovin' for you too!


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