25 June 2008

Poufs (you know you make me wanna...)

This is an awful picture but I am really liking these two big, funky poofs. I always want way more little side-piece furniture than is healthy for any one person to have but I think I could make room for either of these. Or both. Or maybe I could make them. Yes, yes, a HUGE pouf that I felted! (I can totally see myself in the kitchen, trying to keep this massive ball over the sink, arms wrapped completely around it, shirt soaked with soapy water, saying "no, I got it just fine, its coming along") And then of course me with 3 foot long knitting needles, trying not to break a window while swinging around those giant wooden sticks. Ok, maybe there are somethings that its just better to purchase. Life lessons I tell ya.

1 comment:

mme. bookling said...

didn't you just say in my living room that it was a curse of life to see something and have your knee-jerk reaction be, "i could make that."

yeah, let's purchase the poof. and also, it's that the REAL name? Good god.


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