19 June 2008

Thursday, day 3 of this wretched kelly-free life.

well i think i already emailed you once. something about camping food.

yeah, so i am researching camping food - and making camping food lists, etc. i found this website which has some good ideas, but i am very interested in your ideas. http://camping.about.com/b/2006/06/30/favorite-campground-food.htm Speaking of the camping trip, we are planning on borrowing Dad's van and driving down on Wednesday, July 9 after work - and would love to have you guys go with us at that point. Unfortunately, that puts us there at like 7pm or 8pm, but this way we can carpool and be the first ones there! I am thinking people will come Thurs or Fri mainly.

Okay, now on to the visual stuff.
What is WITH the esty homepage lately? Lame lame lame.

This picture is amazing.

I was thinking of letting you guess what it is. But you can click on it to find out. Either way, it looks good and you must make it for me.

Perhaps I could do something like this with my chairs:

Though i would have to be careful about the color. I have been reading the Apartment Therapy book about colors, and I am all confused about it. I think my colors are okay, but maybe too strong? We have a bunch of dark colors, no real poppy colors, so I would be inclined to paint my chairs a green - chartreuse like the couch or maybe an orange? Or would this be too much? I have to be pretty careful with it, I think.

Also the AT book says bedrooms should be calm colors and living rooms should be stimulating colors - turns out mine is exact opposite...hah! BUT we all know my bedroom needs the stimulation and the social living room needs calming, so FUCK apartment therapy.

Actually, I am very happy with it so far - I think everyone should read it.

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