17 June 2008

tuesday, day 1 of you being away from the internet.

it's gonna be a long week. see, i have enough time to create a special blog just for you and the things you will miss being away.
half the fun to coming home is catching up on blogs, so i will leave you to that - and this blog created just for madame umberdove.

first in visual inspirations:

isn't this chair JUST the thing my landing strip needs? (i am trying to finish up apartment therapy to give back to you - and he is now talking about landing strips). i also want to take you to pretty parlor to see the chair i am thinking of actually using. i need some help deciding if the pink retro chair OR something more traditional but equally colorful more fits my style.

i am trying to figure out my style as well, and want to start a style tray...though it will probably look more like a binder (like yours). however, i am not getting most of my inspiration from magazines, but from the Internet. looks like i will be printing lots of stuff out or going to buy tons of design mags. i know this sounds dreadfully boring to you.

also, i love this -

it reminds me of the other ones i have. oh yeah! and yesterday, i finally bought two more of the watercolors in the same vein as the one you bought me. i bought a blue and an olive colored one - both different sizes, and will put them framed in my bathroom. i will need help deciding how to hang them - all in a row or perhaps clustered? if i go with the clustered, i will probably want to get several more - and this one looks like a good addition, no? wow, that was funny timing. the girl from whom i bought those things just emailed me thanking her for the purchase.

i found the above picture by pilfering sfgirlbythebay's favorites on etsy. i love doing that.

its about time that i crack down on my photo project, no? i feel overwhelmed at the decision to display the people i love OR visually stunning things. it's my goal to have both in one picture, so we will see. i also do not want to be compelled by obligation - you know? with photos of people in your house? also, it's hard to narrow the choices of photos (i had 25-30 frames up in renton) to being intentional and deliberate.

In http://sfgirlbybay.blogspot.com/2008/06/shapeshifters.html today, those are some amazing paintings, but don't you think this one looks phallic?

no word from april greer yet today, i really hope this works out...but i feel some cynicism about her wanting me creeeeping in.

here is the esty homepage today - a screen shot of it. nothing to speak of, in my opinion.

though i admit to clicking on this:

how girly of me

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