27 June 2008


that's how i feel. like putting out my hands like a plane and vrooming through the halls of corporate america.

why? not sure. but it feels gooooood.

so i am still pretty inexperienced at this whole design world, but i am more and more recognizing what i love - which is the purpose, right? i know i keep stealing from others, but well, something about the posting over at decor8 today really GOT me. mira!
i love the surprising splashes of color that look well chosen but not too matchy. i appreciate the amazing tent in the above picture - a space for lounging and conversation. i absolutely ENVY the workspace that looks somewhat eclectic and chaotic (i am finding less of a pull towards minimalism - don't tell joel!- especially in my creative work spaces). also, every single one of the pictures is just so bright and airy.

mmmm....like MOI today.

in other VISUALs, i saw these and thought of you and your secret new project. how is that coming along?

happy friday, my one and only umberdove.
(so deliciously irrevent, no?!)

~mme. bklg.

1 comment:

UmberDove said...

Oh, to have that tent! I ADORE it!

And you'll just have to wait to see my little secret project!


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