25 July 2008

Bazaar July Issue

So I am a huge, huge fan of the magazine. It's like perusing the internet, only you can be in the bathtub! I hope it's no secret by now that I do almost everything in the bathtub - eat, sleep, drink, smoke, read, cry, look at magazines...

And yesterday, along the other gifts that came in the mail, my Bazaar came as well. I devoured it in the bathtub last night - the water was even getting cold, but I had to turn that last page.

It is also no secret that this girl loves FALL above any season - and especially in fashion. Of course, I hate thinking of fall when I am still thinking of my summer wardrobe, but oh dear, the fall lines never fail to melt my eyes with their sultry, smart, romantic, and intelligent hues and shapes.

It's like fall reminds me of the professor of British literature at Oxford that i was meant to be.
oh the dark tights paired with camel colored mary janes! i feel weak.

Chanel's fall campaign is grabbing my attention because of these gorgeous tights. how unique and still classic. also this cut and color is just exactly suited to me!
(you can see the full 08 runway if you click the picture)
(please excuse the crude tear-outs, but i kind of like it!)
also, Missoni is really catching my eye. They had a fabulous ad in Bazaar and the runway is equally stunning. Such a color combination was surely intended to be worn by YOU!

biel with calvin klein

In other spreads, Bazaar was SPOT-ON with an idea to have a model dance with a designer while donning their couture, but dear me...who the HELL chose Jessica Biel? I can think of a zillion reasons to choose anyone else, but oh the idea!
(you are obligatied to look at the whole spread by clicking on picture)

biel with von furstenburg

beil with vera wang

Oh to be Jessica Beil - but not so lame. :)

The best spread of the magazine was an Olympic Fashion Show featuring Lucy Lui - who, ever since her role as O-Ren-Ishi in Kill Bill, I have just adored her.

unbelievable pose (click for full spread and info on designers)

can you even fathom this dress!?

if i were to redo my wedding, this would certainly tempt me to walk down the aisle in! oh the neckline!

I hope this inspires your Friday, missy mine. I am feeling fine and praying I will die and wake up in that Chanel dress.

Heaven = Haute Couture.
~mme. bookling


Melissa said...

Every time you write missy in your blog, I think for a split second that you are talking directly to me. Only close friends and family call me Missy.

I'll be back after I peruse your links.

Melissa said...

I've decided that I don't like Biel in any of the photos of her with designers. If I had to choose, The Oscar de la Renta photo is the best. But like you said, fantastic idea.

Don't you just love the green in the de la Renta? How pretty (and rich) I would feel wearing that dress.

The Noisy Plume: said...

...here's the thing about Jessica B:

1. She isn't a model.
2. She's a brute.
3. There's really nothing delicate about her.
4. Which is why she sort of looks like an army tank stuffed into a banana skin in all of her shots.
5. She's just unwieldy in every way.

UmberDove said...

Plume, I love you. That was hilarious. And it's amazing, I coulnd't quite place it until you said "army tank" but yep, you're right. That was such an amazing idea, but, well, you know the rest.

But, the Lucy Lui spread was AMAZING and I WANT THAT DIOR PLEASE GOD.

I'm aware that sometimes god says no.

But I think that I might need to channel Robin Hood in my photoshoot - what do you think Mme.?


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