23 July 2008

the escape artist

Provence - Mas des Ruches

Provence (France) - Bastide des Platanes

Paris - Maison Ranelagh

Paris: The Quartier Delacroix

Italy - The Almafi Coast

a little Vignette
of everywhere else i would rather be~

here's to escaping,

~mme. bookling


UmberDove said...

This was exactly what I needed to see this morning as I feel overly burdened with the weight of my own expectations. I need quiet. And trees and wind that wrestles my cares away from me. Thank you my friend.

mme. bookling said...

i hate cares.

if i were a painting today and the red circles are burdens, i would be seeing a lot of red.

cheers to dreams of escaping it all - cuz god knows that is so much easier than actually learning how to deal with it.


The Noisy Plume: said...



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