08 July 2008

Good morning my little lunar eclipse sleepyhead. I hope your night was more restful than mine (the dreams - save me!) but I know it was not more tasty. Yes, you really want to come over after work and let me serve up a sweetly sticky square of rhubarb-peach cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream melting all willy on top. Even Sing the kitty boy wanted in on that tasty action!

But on to bigger and better things, like RUFFLES. Now you know I'm not a frilly type gal, but these dresses did make my heart flutter. I think there is something here for our photo shoot, what with the big hair, big glass, wood sprite feeling. A big thanks to Oh Joy for finding these amazing Sonia Rykiel dresses that make me want to spend our rent money.

Also, in case you hadn't heard, the motion is up for Seattle to begin charging for all disposable bags. FABULOUS news in this little treehugger's mind, for our lovely planet and for the fact that it is now time to go shopping for shopping bags!

Of course I want a Peace bag!

And a bag full of little forest critters.

Such sweetness from belle and boo.

Ok, and while I could never ever throw my beets and tomatoes in this one, its big enough and I really want it!

Well Mme. I am so looking forward to four uninterrupted days of blissful fun in the shade of the glacier with you and our crew. Get off work soon!


mme. bookling said...

lovely post, missy doves! i am, as you predicted, swooon-ilating over those dresses! aye, aye! they are like the delicious randomness of the morning sheet after an evening of slumber! i want them...and what a great blog, i had not heard of Oh Joy.

This bag blog reminds me of a funny story i must tell you.

On the 13th floor, (it's where the cafeteria is), there is a restroom I use on my way back from lunch, and some silly girl has posted very-poorly designed poster about how using reusable bags will save the polar bears. it's an adorable sentiment buit so poorly exectuted. i am determined to take a picture of it for you. i think the woman must have JUST seen the Planet Earth where the polar bear dies.

Let's have a date soon - just you and me!

The Noisy Plume: said...

love the belle and boo.


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