03 July 2008

Gray Day, Rainy Day, Artsy Day

A scrumptious afternoon to you, my Mme. Bookling. The raindrops on my face have motivated me as they always do, so today I thought I would share some art and artists who are current sources of my inspiration.

My sketchbooks are always a mad-dash combination of little drawings, mathematical measurements, wish lists for Daniel Smith, and written vignettes, but this sketchbook, from Sodalitas is a work of art. The misty, otherworldly landscape really resonates with me. Its a place I could dream myself into, disappearing into the forest line.

I have been pining for a piece of Diana Fayt's gorgeous pottery for sometime now. She has an amazing sense of color and space, plus extraordinary drawing skills. (a little hint hint to Mr. Dove, we DO have an anniversary upcoming...) You can find her work on etsy here too.

And seriously, who doesn't love Lisa Congdon? This amazing gal's prolificness and wide range of work continually astounds me. She shows up and down the West Coast, runs a full etsy shop, keeps a fabulous blog, and makes new work every time I blink my eyes. Someday, I want to be her.

Lastly, I love this little mixed media collage by anna317. The simplicity, dream state and childlike wonder all tell a story that I can rest in.

Ok, my friend, I hope the clock is tick tickin' away till the time I get to share a cocktail with you tonight! (clinksies!)


mme. bookling said...

That sketchbook by Sodalitas is really moving...it's so simple yet so much is happening - yet you want to rest there. yet, yet.

you have mentioned diana fayt's pottery before, but i am glad to get reaquainted - the anniversary is july 19? when again?

is lisa congdon the girl that just did an exibit in SF?

what a dreamy post. i love the rain.

clicky clink - after i go see some bBALL! hah.

UmberDove said...

haha, eat a big ol' bratwurst for me! Then come over and lets watercolor!


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