15 July 2008

I feel a little under the weather today. I've spent a great deal more time with my tea mug and bed sheets than finding amazing sights to inspire your day. I need a breath of fresh air. And I really need this studio.

Darren Waterston's space is almost as inspiring to me as his work. I dream of high ceilings and a broad expanse of white to let my creative spirit breathe.

And the work that comes out of such a space takes my breath away.

I could feel all the emotion in the world just standing in front of his work.

Or maybe (because we both know my affinity for color) I need a studio more akin to Miriam Wosk, complete with pool and lounge chairs ten feet from the big swinging door.

And her color... swoon!

Well lovely, I hope your willow has managed to hold onto the midnight air, leaves aglow.

1 comment:

mme. bookling said...

oh i am so happy to see this - i was thinking just today that we needed to see your mr. waters....and those spaces, oh how i dream of such spaces where money and ceilings steal NOT our brief hours on this earth.


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