30 July 2008

illuminating the path

i have been craving illumination these days; just one clearing of the twigs entwining my ankles on this intertwined path we all seem to be stumbling down...some ambient glow to gently guide the next baby step - to capture me in all my jumbled thoughts and bring me to the sea of wisdom and serenity (pilfered goldfrapp lyric).

The following are some favorite etsy finds:

i love the contrast with this cobalt vase - wouldn't it look divine in my place?

or this one? i love the green with the brown/orange birds - this would certainly illuminate either of our living spaces with sheer joy and creativity

i love the simple tranquility of this design

this orb is so deliciously captured in the photo - i could stare at its atmosphere for some time

i have had this on my etsy favorites for a while now, but i really love these hanging orbs.

the following are from lit shades, a lamp boutique in our very own Pioneer Square, Seattle.

loving the birds on the lamp

ahhh, the peace that comes from a grove of trees

so kitchy

i bet you could seriously design the shit out of a lampshade

loving this whole table, but especially that middle lamp

And for the grand finale (which joelio found and sent me this morning)- you are going to flip. Here, the gifted designer Jonas Samson has brought fourth light-emitting wallpaper!

oh the words that could hatch while sitting here!

oh, what art could be born while leaning against this illuminated wall!

Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering.
There is a crack in everything,
That's how the light gets in.
~Leonard Cohen

~your partner in illuminating the path,
mme. bookling


UmberDove said...

So how much do you love the name "LIT" lampshades. I snickered when I read that, but oh my, do they have some good stuff (and this is silly, they are only 1.5 blocks from my studio and I have never even seen the store front!).

But really, wallpaper that illuminates your whole room? (ok God, if I can't have that Dior, how 'bout a wall of this paper?)

mme. bookling said...

yeah, god! you better fing answer!!!!

i know, it's such an amazing concept. i see it in your studio.

you know, for an assignment, we really should visit some boutiques in seattle and feature them in our blog...do you think they will let us take pics?

UmberDove said...


I think a lot of them would, especially after we convince them that it really IS for a fabulous blog and they would get lots of credit (and business?!?!).

The Noisy Plume: said...

...i want that lady lamp in the very worst way. Tell me where to find it.
Before I perish.

mme. bookling said...

Oops, the link was dead on the lady lamp, sorry.


I could always saunter down to pioneer square and try to find it for you too!


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