22 July 2008

"Work it, own it"

Ok, after I got called out with the photos (and then begged pretty-please-Melissa-can-we-see-your-glamorshots) I thought I would post a little picture of me from way back in history (or several years ago, depending on how you look at it).

And that got me thinking about walking a runway. And then I found these images from the Istanbul Fashion Lab. I don't know what the deal is but lately I have been simply OBSESSED with any and all dresses that portray "filmy, flowy, ground-sweeping, fluttery, fairie, and fabulous."

This one looks like it was designed just for you Mme.

And the back, I love!

Well my dear, I must away to prep for tonight's adventure: swinging a golf club and sipping scotch (and not just in that order). Clinksies!

And Melissa, I will be thinking of a some type of incentive for showing us your Glam,'cause we NEED to see them!


The Noisy Plume: said...

Dearest Vixens Mine,
I'll take the lavender number thank you.
With all my heart,

Joel Morris said...

Yeah... beautiful... but can they do the funky chicken????

Melissa said...

Ha! Oh dear LORD! I know exactly where they are. Hhahaha! What will become of me?!

AvenueFog said...

Oh UmberDove, how much more gorgeous you are now. I never thought I'd say you have meat on your bones until I had something to compare.

Hooray for growing more fabulous. I've had a few years now to watch you bloom!

BC said...

Yeahhhhh! Umberdove - that's my little Italy touring goddess! And yes, as AvenueFog wrote, you are more beautiful now than even in that pic.


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