17 July 2008

Such a resourceful gal...

So while out celebrating Bastille Day between the rosé and the pink madonnas I saw a dress that needed to belong to me. You remember, blowy and ground skimming, shades of gray, I sneaked up behind the girl (a little closer than normal protocol would suggest) and caught a glimpse of a brand name. Well I found it. And I still want it (oh, that I could have a birthday every month!!!), the Gypsy 05 organic maxi dress.

And while we're on the subject of amazing floor length dresses, have you seen this one by Astridland? I want to wear it the theatre for something dark and magnificent, like Sweeney Tod (and if Johnny Dep *happened* to be starring that would be ok too)

And Miss Plume, I love your new little lark earrings! I am normally a big jewelery person (everything is better bigger, right?) but lately I've really been feeling the need for some dainty little sparkles to wear to the studio and while cooking up granola.

Well, I do hope that the tremors of yesterday have passed and you are able to take in the quiet of this morning. Smoochies my friend, I will see you soon!


mme. bookling said...

i am so glad you found that dress!!! and only $100 (what a bargain!)

this reinforces what i have been saying here for the last six months (perhaps to myself), but everything is $100 - shoes, outfits, it's just crazy.

i do love that black dress, but you knew i would (it's like dangling a umber colored dress in front of you), but i am happy to see you gravitating towards black - even just occasionally. it's rather stunning on you.

i know, the newest stuff from plume has me wishing i ran - because she made such jewels for exercising.

fie the exercise - but jewlelry? oh yes.

mme. bookling said...

oh, and man those girls in the black and white are very lovely indeed.

UmberDove said...

They are lovely, no? They must be spectacular women indeed.

And yes, what is the deal with $100? On its own, $100 isn't bad at all for a great dress that I will wear approximately 6 days a week, but when EVERYTHING I find and want is that much (or the increasing popular $300), what's a girl to do?

mme. bookling said...

i think a girl knows exactly what she should do.

The Noisy Plume: said...

Girls of mine, thanks for featuring my little Larkies:)


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