07 July 2008

to the hearth and home of the booklings.

so, as i am living in this beautiful new space, i am just continually inundated with what i want to do to improve it...and i am coming to terms with it being a continual process. (we both know i am way too task to be good at the process)! i am hoping to be done by 2009 - so let's pull for that!

for now, i am attempting to focus direction towards the kitchen a bit (though so much is needed to help - and it's a question of money at this point, not inspiration).

i found this kitchen space on apartment therapy while perusing one of their house tours.

side note:
i love, but LOVE house tours! (and i am guessing,
my little voyeristic nymph, that you love them too!)
and may/may not dream about photographing my own house someday
(hey that would be oodles of fun to do together!)
as it stands, i SHOULD certainly be doing
a before/after shoot of the apartment now.

anyway, here is that kitchen storage idea!

p.s. monsieur bookling will stick up his snobby minimalist nose at this, but i think it's just so cute, whimsical, and FRENCH!

but back to the living room: i still need to finish of the space with some details...both of which you know a little somethin' about!

what is it? drum roll please.....

Plants and Pillows!!

I need a date to Molbacks, first of all! But I think I want two or three hanging plants to start.

I need four pillows. Two for living room, two for bedroom. For the living room, green/pink/brown/blue (using my chair and my soul as inspiration). Bedroom i am thinking an orange/brown/white motif...and i found this gal's pillows (sorry for cheating on you) on etsy.

it's totally sold. sad. serves me right for looking at anyone else's pillows except yours!

i have less of a direction about the pillows in the living room.

i also need some artwork for the wall above our head - did you see the curtains monsieur bookling put up there as well? it looks quite nice. i would love to put up some of this girl's stuff, a new artist i came across and now don't remember where, but look!

Lena Wolff

i think she saw our soul and painted it.

because maybe you didn't know but
it seems our souls keep mixing
and golly, it's getting gorgeous.

~the tardy but reliable,
mme. bookling


Melissa said...

Thanks for posting Lena Wolff's art! I am now on task to find out how to purchase a piece.

UmberDove said...

Oh the beauty! Lena's work is indeed GORGEOUS and she has now totally been added to my roster of inspirational artists!

And I love that kitchen - and the fact that you called it whimsical and then loved it yourself (your child seems to be beaming these days). However I know Mr Dove and I know Monsieur Bookling, and I know that kitchen just might give them the shivers (ah to be yoked with a minimalist!). Ah well, c'est la vie, no?


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