22 August 2008

"I'll have another..."

In my notebook, I have a ritual...every pre-fall (yet another reason I continue to cling to my hugeific purse) I write down the list of things fall is demanding I own, aka, reasons to save...

I call it the Refraining from the Second Cocktail List.

I finally opened my doubly-thick fall Bazaar issue (with Tyra Banks on cover, and while I initially jolted with annoyance, I remember that I love it when she models and hate it when she talks) and what fabulous goodness awaited me...and as I flipped voraciously through Dior, D&G, and Versace, I made the list.


And actually it's a lot more practical than last year's list which I think actually included 5 pair of shoes, 2 bags, 4 skirts, 3 slacks, 2 hats, 2 pair gloves, 5 pair tights/fishnets, 1 purse, 1 hat. I think I acquired the pants, tights, and purse. I set my sites to soaring when it comes to shopping lists. And that's the thing about lists, you can make them and they don't cost anything! :)

So you want it? Okay - here goes - this is very sacred so my palms are a bit sweaty (I have this fear of being duplicated, so I think everyone is going to show up with these items except me!):

1. White T-Shirt (nice one, of course)
2. Black belt
3. Gloves - leather, elbow high, black
4. Gloves, leather, wrist high, olive
5. Purse (black and/or camel)
6. Black tight turtleneck (mine is missing)
7. Brown tweed skirt
8. Hats
9. Hat Rack
10. New Kitchen
11. Lap top
12. Christmas Presents

Okay so maybe 9-12 are my other reasons to save and not necessarily my fall fashion list, but you get the picture.

So I am counting on you to give me that sassy eye when I look casually gesture at my waiter and utter perhaps the easiest phrase on earth, "I'll have another."

p.s. need i even ask everyone to share their list? do it.


UmberDove said...

Oh, the list for Fall, here goes:

1) Over-the-knee flat black leather boots.

2) Cream-colored wool hat (top hat, over-sized fedora with one big feather)

3) Hunter-green Wellies (the Real British ones, knee-high)

4) Thigh-high socks (think that SJP picture like 3 posts back) in chocolate brown, gray, burnt orange and olive.

5) Can I have olive-colored leather gloves too (if not, I'll take them in orange too)?

6) Over-the-elbow thumbhole arm warmers (like these ones: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=14504391

7) Brown t-strap chunky heels

8) New wide belt (that actually fits my waist)

9) A new coat!! (Bright colored - maybe in teal?, wool, asymmetrical pea-coat style, with big brass buttons)

10) Fitted knit white tunic sweater

11) That denim dress from Betsy Johnson - I keep thinking about it.

I guess that's a good starting point.

The Noisy Plume: said...

I'll join in as well...but for the record, I just acquired my camel colored purse today (delicious, buttery leather by the way). Strike one off the list.

Girls I love what you have on your lists! I acquired some of your items last year and so my list isn't very long at all at present.

I have up to the elbow black leather gloves (rauched as well...yum) and have been coveting a pair of ochre colored wrist length gloves at "Danier Leather" a Canadian Leather boutique in my hometown which is THE VERY BEST PLACE TO BUY LEATHER ANYTHING. I'd have bought my purse there...but they don't carry Michael Kors:) *Smirk*

In my books, it's always ok to splurge on leather anything. AlWAYS.

The list:
1. Sexy winter boots (hard to come by) preferably up to/over the knee.
2. Grey cowl neck sweater dress (crossing my fingers for cashmere...a girl can dream).
3. Siwash (you're norwesters and should know what this is...ask me if you don't).
5. Actually the next 20 spaces could be filled with various pieces of furniture I need to fill what will be an empty house.

Umber, I recently added those long over the elbow, thumbhole, black arm warmers to my life. I'm in the market for some that are composed of wool though as I know my wrists and hands will need it when in the studio this fall and winter.

If only we could spend one day a month shopping together. We could change the world.

Devon said...

The fall must-haves (or lusting after):

1)Tall brown riding boots - must have a good toe

2) Skinny jeans that actually look good

3)Snazzy coat - maybe rusty orange with brown leather buttons - long

4)Scarf - I know, you can never have too many!

5) The illusive purse I've been searching far and wide for

6) Arm warmers

7) Can I have some of those ruched gloves too?? Delish!

8) Brown belt to go with my new orange corduroy pants.

9)Cream Blouse that will look fabulous tucked in

10) Knee-length tweed pencil skirt

11) Brown pumps with a tiny bow

12)tall red leather high-heel boots

13) hat - don't know what kind yet, but something that makes me feel like Mme.'s large black hat

Ok...I better stop now! I love fall - my favorite season.

mme. bookling said...

I forgot to mention!!!!!

The Prada 2008 Summer Fairy Bag.


The Noisy Plume: said...

I second that emotion.


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