04 August 2008

Jen Lobo Designs

I was perusing SFGirlbyBay in my daily habit, and came across an old post with some sketches that caught my eye.

Feast your eyes on Jen Lobo designs - as well as a very cool website.

the initial image that caught my eye

i love the emotion here - as well as the name of the piece. this could make me weep today.

a part of her sketchbook work - love the colors.

i love the symmetry and coherence of this work

i thought immediately of you

question: are you ever afraid to paint when you are in a state of sadness?
i fear myself, but i do need to do it again soon.

~your little booklover,
mme. bookling

1 comment:

UmberDove said...

Sadness I do not fear. It reminds me of Memoirs of a Geisha, when Sayuri dances and calls upon the saddest thoughts she can muster in order to give the heaviest grace to her movements.

Anger and indifference, on the other hand, are my biggest painting fears. I never worry that sadness will be read by the viewer, but I never want negativity to have a place in my work.


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