19 August 2008

Shop Local

i was perusing the local shop feature on etsy and decided to check out our local etsy scene....and VIOLA. I added about 12 new things to my favorites b/c of this search, and just had to share that contrary to popular (or just one heavily-opinionated portlander's) belief:

seattle has not sold out.

I loved the jewelery on irenemachine:

Naughty embroidery from baddinsdesign:
Or these sophisticated mammas at lunaversoul:

this bizarre and striking bleach painting by mothtoflame:
this adorable boho vintage maxi from honeybeevintage:
Or the ULTIMATE picnic dress (for a little picnic meeting we are planning...btw, have you even thought about what you will wear when you meet HER? It's kind of a big deal!!!) and, since we have some MEN lurking around this blogospheric community....something for the men found at SeattleSundries:
also possibly for the men, this GORGEOUS (men, look away- AND COMFORTABLE) boudoir linen bra/undies set from sandmaiden. she has some really gorgeous stuff -
I give you the i-have-no-fucking-clue-what-the-shit-this-is:

And last, but never, ever least.... (though your name never came up in the search - this MUST be remedied as soon as possible!)..my umberdove.

lovin' the local scene~
mme. bookling-aling


UmberDove said...

That's right PORTLAND! We are still kicking ass up here in Seattle!

This was a great idea for a post - not to mention that I have not spent any time searching the "local etsy" scene and this may get me started.

I like the pillow, maybe not the message I want on my sofa all the time, but every now and then...

mme. bookling said...

well fuck you very much for not loving the pillow and wanting everyone to who walks into your house to feel accosted by negativity.

tee hee.

it's a good idea for us to feature cities too - but portland's entry is going to be IRONIC.

Melissa said...

So... are you and umberdove both going on a picnic with The Plume.

I am so jealous.

You will love her even more though.

mme. bookling said...

Nothing finalized yet, but yes...we are working on it. Perhaps you can jaunt up in an aeroplane? When is your next scheduled visit to the famous jsl residence?

UmberDove said...

Actually it had not even occurred to me that you would not be joining us, so best start looking at tickets Lady-friend!

The Noisy Plume: said...

I have two outfits planned for the meeting...they both hinge on the temperature of the day of the ACTUAL meeting. One ensemble includes my Frye ankle booties and my frilly leather blazer...the other involves a hyper dramatic orange and silver cowl necked/sleeveless top and a pair of $200 jeans.

Oh the decisions we make...

Also, you have officially inspired me to look into "shop local". I could be missing out on a Pocatello-Etsy jamboree!


The Noisy Plume: said...

Post Script: Each and every time I see Mme's profile shot, I think that she must be dating a bull rider.

mme. bookling said...

a BULL RIDER? as in, i am currently on the bull in the picture?

The Noisy Plume: said...

"DATING a bull rider"
Which would make your cowboy boy toy Joelio the bull rider and YOU the sexy girlfriend cowgirl of the bull rider.
It's the hat.
And the pretty boobs.


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