30 September 2008

sweater weather

today i crave wrapping up in something other than my thoughts and weariness.
perhaps these delicious threads could do the trickery?
ah, the tricks and treats of l'automne.

bohemian chic

the fawn dress by GaiaConceptions
and with names and colors like that, how can you NOT adore?

with it's eclectic sleeves ready to take flight, reminded me so of you.

one of my personal favorites!
the angled placket tunic from SF-based designer M.O.L. Knits

the cable yoke cardigan from designer M.O.L. Knits
oh the color, structure, and cut! it's JUST the comfortable fashion i crave.

mod chic

the hisoka by mod designer joodito

this poinsettia cardiogan by adarie

the rock the block by replicca clothing company
which, by the way, SOLD
(in only the amount of time it took me to post this blog. this lady is hot, hot stuff.)

the plum coat by LittleHouses
and although this is not a sweater,
this has all the comfort and structure that a sweater provides.
what a gorgeous garment!

the bratislava sweater by LittleHouses
this deep purple and forgiving neckline makes me want to hide from the world, climb high on the wet branches of a Japanese maple and stare at the sparrows.

this flock hoodie from wearflock
so ethereal and safe.
like the fairies we are.

and because i love me some sweet little frocks with the air of history,

here is the roses in blue cardigan by seller bennykelly

mohair orange 1960s beauty by seller langegabriel

so lady dove,
let's wrap ourselves up tight for autumn
and remember that we encompass the entire spectrum of colors,
and are therefore entitled to wear them well.
but remember, we are simultaneously defined by no single hue.

for we are too luxuriously complicated to be defined so.
and in this complexity lies the deepest of eternal beauty.

and fall reminds us of this.


UmberDove said...

I love everything that requires me to layer it up and pile on the sweaters, rain, brisk mornings and chilly nights.

And you are SO GOOD at pulling together lists that make my heart flutter - that asymmetrical M.O.L. tunic, the chunky brown knit caplet poncho (hm, chunky combined with knit it tricky but CAN be good!), all the sweaters from Joodito, that flappy gray dolman sweater, ssiiiiiiihhhhggggg. I could work every one of those in to my wardrobe!

mme. bookling said...

dear dove,
after the golden embrodierd shirt, i am convinced that there is nothing you couldn't "work" into your wardrobe.

i heart women with guts.
you gottem girl.


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