06 October 2008

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2009

oh dear!
i happened to stumble upon this article featuring Marc Jacob's Spring/Summer 09 collection, and I believe my little heart quickend a bit. I have thought, for some time now, that his recent collections have been a bit lack luster and not memorable enough, but spot on, mr. jacobs, spot fucking on!

I love this article where his collection is described as Mary Poppins goes to Dubai.

But then again, you had me at Mary Poppins.

you know, for me...it may sound mellow-dramatic, but i really believe in this line. it's ART! you know? finally, it's ART...and the woman's figure has got to be the most inspiring muse available to fabric. and not only is it ART, but it's something we could easily wear wandering the streets of monmarte, eating petie fours, sliding down mahogany banisters, and jumping into sidewalk chalk pictures.

oh this has excited me so today. now go and look at the whole collection and agree in a nodding of that prim little head when i say this collection is "practically perfect in every way."

~madame melancholy chic

1 comment:

she said...

strangely, my favorite ensemble is #2. a bit simple, sort of understated, with great shoes and an eye-catching hat. i'm not so good at the outfits all the time, but i can accessorize.

love your fashion commentary.


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