27 October 2008

ode to my (will it ever happen?) yellow kitchen.

it's 10:40 pm.
i should be in bed.
so what if i am up perusing etsy because i full well know christmas is just around the corner.

so what.

here are my dreams in yellow...
i adore this tea set!!
what a beautiful meal it will be when i bake in this crock ware!
or this happy yellow pot for stew and happy meals?

one lump or two?
so what if i don't take either?
i know a beautiful lady who takes a splash of cream and wouldn't she LOVE to dish it out of this? she would, because she's a dish!

the theme for my kitchen is happy bumble bees...so think yellow with black/white accents...and MAYBE a cobalt piece here and there. but wouldn't these cups just be so divine?
(i think i am officially committed to riding myself of all mass produced cups this year and investing in hand-thrown or vintage... and in that same thought...
what about these works of art - the chickadee tea set? they would go SOO well!
too bad they're sold. know where i could get some more?!!!

i cannot ever get this because i know she is your obsession, but isn't this vase gorgeous?

so these items will be on a shelf, displayed in all their yellow glory to show my kitchen just exactly who is boss...

who's boss again?



UmberDove said...

I pine for handmade kitchen goods.

I found those black and white cups a while ago and I LOVE them! (gimmie gimmie!) And don't worry, I would be so glad to come over and fawn on Diana Fayt pieces in your home too!

she said...

um, this post (which i just typo-ed "poast" --- i am RETARDED) may have just made my day. i never would have guessed you'd want yellow. then again, your flaxen hair (debussy: girl with the flaxen hair: one of my FAVORITE piano pieces of all time: one day you'll hear me play it in person: new nickname for you) tells the story of your beauty in gold - why would i have NOT guessed?

also, public favorites on Etsy are a good thing. are all of these items from etsy? dear God, hinder my addiction...


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