22 October 2008

Wednesday's Webular Wanderings

i have been ALL OVER the interwebs today.
This is in an effort to stay awake at my desk.
I am completely using you to stave off my boredom.
But that's totally not the point.

I have been everywhere, and found many things to share with your lovely eyeballs.

Wednesday's Webular Wanderings
I would love to make a trek to Madison Park to visit this store.
(Dude. We could totally walk there...depending on which shoes we were wearing. of course.)I thought of you with their vintage textiles (you are addicted. admit. now).
i though of me sitting at this desk and imagined all the writing my future life will entail. "right?!!," kelly says boldly. "right," candace says meekly.

the vintage bucket lamps! gorgeous display.

yes, i think we must make a trek soon.

in other wednesday's wanderings...
i stumbled upon two new design blogs i found rather intriguing. the first one was introduced to me via victoria's blog at sf girl by the bay (which you introduced me to way back when!..okay, so it was like 6 months ago..still.) mrs. french is a guest blogger for victoria and has her own blog called bliss.
bliss is a delightful little blog and i had success in wasting many hours perusing the happy finds of her visual eye. specifically, in today's blog, she did a home tour of a portland shop owner and it inspired me with my annoying shelves in the entryway. (you know the ones!) i loved the interview because at one point, Stephanie Sheldon said, " And I think people have to remember to take their time when creating their home. Again, it's about being deliberate and thoughtful about your choices. It's when you have it finished today that your house ends up looking like a Pottery Barn catalogue. It's hard to wait for the perfect piece to come along but it's totally worth it." This really stuck with me.

i love the shelf on the left. it looks eclectic but still thematic...i am missing this in my decorating.
isn't it just perfectly arranged and interesting?
i liked her blog a lot...she features a "i heart monday" entry every monday where she highlights her internet wanderings.

the second blog i found was knack.
i was specifically drawn to this entry of a dynamic and interesting color combo.

it looks like a lot of more good things to come from her.

i found the cutest little inspiration on my many pilferings of favorites on etsy today. i think this is would be perfect in my yellow, white, and black kitchen. that's right...i said black. i wanted to originally do blue, but i think it's more me to do the black and white with a surprising splash of yellow. that's not a bad description of me, in fact!


this piece is just weird and kitchy enough to go right above my sink! it's such a funny reminder!

wear your crown plaque

and while i was on etsy...well, it always just gets worse from there.

i adore this custom table from micaelarras. it would be so perfect in my living space.

i am romanced by this autumn leaf cascade necklace by kathiroussel

and with that, it's almost time for me to get home.
come home safe to me.

~mme. bookling


she said...

i know this list is for umber, but she's on vacation, so i'm commenting.
2.) you ARE an internet maven. i love it.
3.) our interwebular wandering crossed paths yesterday. the thought brings a warmth to my typety typing fingers.

mme. bookling said...

yay for commenting!
it's always welcome from anyone, esp one i love so well!


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