05 November 2008

feelin' the love

i love this dress by petaline
i love this image by Michael Eckles, found on the Seattle Times
i love this Victorian ruffled shirt and cashmere heirloom henley by j.crew
i love the new addition to my family - the flanders necklace by our friend plume. (and wrote about it today here)
i love this silly owl by modishvintage
i love this vollen bench
i love these hurricane lamps
tell me true, all you out there, are you feelin the love this historic day? because i can feel it gushing forth from mother earth.



UmberDove said...

These are all beautiful, but that image, it moves me.

Those eyes open to a deep well of history and sorrow in which a potent block of joy has been dropped, and the chemical reaction manifests itself in the tear slipping down her face. I love that.

The Noisy Plume: said...

I'm feelin' the love friend.
Oh yes I am.

Iscah Mara said...

people that think in pictures are weird. fascinating, but terribly strange.


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