28 December 2008


Equally goofy and poised, Kelly and Candace have shared a friendship and a passion for all things beautiful for 3 years.  Kelly moved from San Jose to Seattle in March 2007 and met Candace through a mutual friend.  The fates smiled upon them when Candace moved to Kelly's  block on Capitol Hill.  For a year and change, they cooked meals, gabbed over tea and cocktails, walked miles in the rain, and laughed loudly.  They have both recently relocated to the country just outside of Seattle, now living 20 minutes apart.

I am an artist who lives in leather boots and fedoras, compulsively collects fabric (and must touch every single bolt in the fabric store), sings aloud while painting, finds rocks in the pockets of every jacket I own, drinks coffee in the morning and wine at night, wears too much turquoise (wait, not possible), and breathes art every day.  I love smooth ocean stones that fit in the hand, tiny maple seeds waiting to helicopter down, the scent of jasmine and ripe tomatoes, the smallest details in a fiddle-head fern, the first sip of coffee in the morning and the last sip of wine in the evening.

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Ex- high school English teacher, former cubicle prisoner, newly realized artist, 31-year old starting over. Though introverted and introspective, I have been seen swimming the Puget Sound in my pajamas or channeling Pat Benetar on the dance floor.  My typical nights are filled with the BBC, vintage cocktails, long conversations with my saintly husband, gorging on classic novels, playing iPhone scrabble in bed, and falling asleep to the sound of delicious Seattle rain.  It is my dream to own my own bookstore or Chanel's 2008 fall line (maybe in that order?). I am campaigner for all things vintage and fine, as well as a wayfarer for self-care and psychological wellness.

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visually ink-lined

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