04 December 2008

THE Table

This find is 100% attributed to my sister, who sent me the link late last night in an email titled, "this belongs in your home." Well, I simply couldn't agree more!

Remember when the saint JUST said he wanted to put the computer screen (aka our TV) on the coffee table? Well, Teresa found this guy on flickr who combined the OFFI Mag Table with this mid-century modern coffee table!

I have no idea how much either of these pieces cost, but you can bet your boot-ay that i am not going to find out because in my 30(+5 months) years of life, I have discovered this adage:

Money Kills Dreams.
you can embroider that onto a pillow)

~mme. bookling

1 comment:

Iscah Mara said...

name it and claim it, sister. perhaps it shall be yours.

i would love to have seen you cringe as you read that despicable statement to which we are all too familiar.


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