03 March 2009

visual image of the day

i see a lot on the internet. you see a lot on the internet. we are inundated daily with millions of images...pictures of gorgeous artwork, words, and fashion tantalize my eyes hourly (rather, the hours i allow myself to be on the internet). today, at the end of the day, after sorting through all that remains in my lens, one image still lingers in my mind's eye.

today's winner is a canadian clothing designer, Obakki. the website has a few stellar photographs of their clothing (though, admittedly, i am not really looking at it), but this one really stuck with me...a gorgeous photograph, a brilliant play on light and color, an unassuming model, a windy frock, a good sea...

tonight i will sleep with visions of obakki in my head,


UmberDove said...

That image makes me wish for the sea, for salt air burning my throat, for cold breezes in my skin, for the cries of shore birds.

Brian Wigand said...

kind of makes my nose run a little bit. You know, when you're cold, at the ocean, and your nose starts to run a little bit.


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