13 May 2009

Things that make me smile Wednesday

Bonjour! Bon mercredi. Today's post is all about the adorable eccentricities we collect that make us who we are; the quirky definition of personal style.

Don't you just love this creative vintage suitcase table?

How I smile at the thought of writing with these adorable quote pencils. One of the quotes I especially love, "be silly, be honest, be kind" - emerson

tell me you aren't grinning with silliness at this wee vintage alarm clock. how much do i love owls again?

i don't know which makes me smile more, the mug or the inscription which says, "drink, sleep, read." either way, i might just die if i don't buy this.

though the throw is the item for sale, i cannot stop smiling at the vision of this chair in my home. it would be a grand pairing with the mug, don't you think?

oh this one is quite exciting to me!!! this book counter was found by she and sent to me posthaste! what an idea, no?!!! SUCH SMILES.

with a demure and elegant grin, i find great beauty and romance in this photograph...also sleuthed and sent to me thanks to kjk.

Enjoy your smiles, cheeky!
mme. bookling


UmberDove said...

I can't believe you found that mug. I saw it about a week ago and knew it was perfect for you and meant to send you the link. How appropriate that you found it all on your own!

And that owl alarm clock is hilarious!

she said...

i always gasp with delight and glee to see something i've ferretted out in these lists.

you two are my favorite westerlies.


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