06 August 2009

Maisy Crow's "Love Me"

I was telling you about this last night as we drove, but I wanted to help you see what I was trying to describe. Hell, I want everyone to see these amazing shots...

Just one second in time, snap.
And you have a rich, complex story.

And there you have why I love photography.

Maisy Crow is a photojournalist who recently claimed the Ian Perry award for her series in progress, "Love Me." It is a story of a 15-year old Ohio girl raised in poverty...just as her mother and her mother's mother were.

Can you imagine being the photographer here? How to capture these organic moments? How to be a fly on the wall when there is obviously a good amount of shame and embarrassment on their part attached to your being there. It's not a task for the weak-of-heart.

But then again, neither is living.
Especially for this girl.

See the entire series here, including captions.

Mme. Bookling


UmberDove said...

You're so right, it's everything we were talking about regarding good photojournalism: A single frame taken in a millisecond of time that says more about the individual's true nature (or situation or emotional state) than could be described in a whole novel.


And crushing.

Brian Wigand said...

One of the things I always struggled with in photography when trying to capture the social landscape was deciphering when I was taking a picture of someone for their benefit, for my own benefit, for someone else's benefit, for the sake of art, or for the sake of telling a story- and what are the moral implications of each.


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