23 September 2009

Another New Obsession: Antique Birdcages

In light of my upcoming move, I've been inspired to rethink my design aesthetic. Through the last two years of taking in many different styles, I've settled on the one that most closely looks like my soul...victorian chic. Think high-backed fainting couches mixed with modern whites and saturated purples. I feel light-headed just dreaming about it.

To accent this, I've been on the recent prowl for Antique Birdcages, scouring craigslist, value village, design blogs, and etsy. I would fill it with plants or books or booze and paint it some wacky color. Flickr has provided much in the way of visual fodder to fuel this obsession...

Birdcage Me

Anyone got a birdcage hanging around?

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