28 September 2009

Urban Outfitters September Sale 2009

My picks:

A wonderful idea for the replacement of my HIDEOUS wall paper in the kitchen.

Tree Pillowcases
Like sleeping in the orchards.

Cable-Knit Throw
That color...sigh.

Kimchee Blue Pieced Herringbone Dress
Herringbone is like god to me.

Colorblock dress
Despite it's disqualification because of my brain-washed hatred of strapless,
I love the structure and color.

Soft Open Blazer
I've been on the market for a blazer for some time now...it's perfect!

Tweed Mini
If I have to wear a mini, this would surely be the one...paired with very opaque tights.

And of COURSE,
Fringe Thigh High
Because everyone needs to channel their inner Pocahontas...


Hurry, sale ends in two days!

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