29 January 2010

Fashion Friday : What I would wear going out tonight...


(spotted via my sister!  thanks sis.)

(it's still seattle, after all || spied here)

this delicious dior addict lipstick
in decadent plumb

Happy Friday, pretty readers.  I do hope you have some awesome plans...be it bed in breakfast or a night at the opera.


The Good Which said...

Sneaking around my Etsy favorites, I see! I thought it would be the perfect hybrid of blazer and jean jacket. I love it so.

Susie said...

i especially am in love with the stripey skirt

Taddyporter said...

and oh! those fabulously wicked booties! all that colour just makes me swooooon with delightful gleeee.

The Noisy Plume: said...

THOSE BOOTIES!!!! For every feature in this post, - let out an audible gasp. Well done, sister, well done!

Anonymous said...

I love the blouse! Long and flowy is my fave!


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