06 January 2010

A poem for your Wednesday...

i never feel lonely in a garden.
time slows, the air sweetens,
and the only company i desire
are the pedals and vines that reach out to me.
touching a rose is sacred.
the velvet pedals sweat their sweet perfume
as i gently pass each one between my fingers,
or perhaps not so gently.
violence upon such fragile beauty
feels more like the pure consumption of a divine thing.
i can find myself in a garden.
a treasure trove of discovery and calm,
my mind flutters with the tiny white butterflies
as I walk so slowly, my steps teeter
as though I'm traveling a high wire.
for such is a garden, strange and seductive,
each trespass met with a balmy welcome
from hydrangea bushes and slouching sunflowers.
if i had a garden, i could be alone forever.
and yet, i would want you there.

-jessica gomes-

( photo credit here )


The Noisy Plume: said...

Missus Gomes is SO lovely.

Jean said...

Makes me long for summer...


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