12 January 2010

A Year of Living Positively

I have written of my adoration of Krystn before, she runs a flickr account called Shades of Mediocrity.  As I was pursuing her recent uploads (dude, flickr is such an amazing time sucker...though it's almost always worth it)  when I came across her 2010 project.  It seems like artists are really coming out of the wood-work with daily assignments and challenges for 2010 (more on that later this week), and I am really loving the tone of this one.

Each day, she shoots one picture of something she is thankful for.  I know I'll  be spending lots of time with her...


Shades of Mediocrity

1. a year of living positively {1}, 2. and you were there, 3. i'll help you carry on, 4. unschooling, 5. actually, 6. the average commuter in los angeles experiences 72 hours of traffic delays per year, 7. sushi never hurts, 8. if you could only lay down your mind, 9. consumption

1 comment:

The Noisy Plume: said...

...me too!
She's amazing!


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