26 February 2010

Fashion Friday: Spring 2010 Ready To Wear

Happy Friday, you fashionistas you.  Perhaps you would like to spend some time glamming up your office cubicle, home office, studio, or couch with a small  review of the Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear.  Last week, we covered the Spring 2010 Couture, and next week we'll move on to Fall (my personal favorite!).  

If this isn't enough for you and your hungry little eyes want more to feast on, head on over HERE for the more than comprehensive review of the Spring 2010  RTW collections.

(all images courtesy of Style.com)


Good Girls Studio said...

Thanks for the eye candy! Bottega is my fave!

UmberDove said...

I'll take one of each and a glass of the dry champagne.

But if I really have to choose... DG has ALWAYS had my number but that orange Bottega dress - shazam!


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