23 February 2010

Purple On My Mind

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I've been immensely attracted to purple things lately.  Purple lipstick (in pinstripe plumb), purple carpets, and now...I've been admiring this purple room ever since I first saw it on sfgirlbybay.  I especially love the contrasting textures of purple (one is obviously wall paper) and color pop of that turquoise.  

It got me wandering around for more purple interiors:

( *** )
I would just love to have this much space for a dining room, then to add that luxury of purple velvet?  Oui!

( *** )
I've never loved lighter purples, but this feels so inviting and clean.

( *** )
Love the mustard accents! 
(And that bench? OMG.)

( *** )
Or this purple which has a bit more grey to it...very soothing.


And wouldn't this chair be PERFECT in any of these rooms.

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