23 March 2010

Elle Decor Review

My April Elle Decor just arrived so if you don't have the time to leaf through it,
 here's a brief synopsis of my favorite parts!

The newly opened Banyan Tree Hotel in Mexico looks like a PERFECT Acapulco retreat.  
Each villa comes with a personal pool.

The Lotus side table from Baker Furniture...love nature-inspired pieces for the home.

Would LOVE to stay at the Dean Street Townhouse in historic London. 
 I am completely swayed by the bathtub in the room.

A few of my picks from the website 1stdibs.com.  
It was mentioned several times throughout the magazine as a great 
resource to designers for antique furniture.  

As always, you can find more at their website.  

1 comment:

Yelena said...

a bathtub right in the bedroom?? that's interesting...haven't seen that yet! :)


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