18 March 2010

Retail Therapy: Liberty of London

When Rodarte launched their line for Target, I totally missed it ( probably because I am actually not much of a shopper).  However, today I was out and about getting a journal, so I popped by Target on the way home.  Here's the delicious goods I picked up from Liberty of London's Target line.

For the little niece...
(Both of these come with the CUTEST bloomers!)
For moi!  One for me, one for my sister...
I wanted this tea pot, but it (like so many other things) sold out!

So much cute stuff. My mood lightened quite considerably.


Michele said...

I miss Target so much.

It's the one store that I wish were in Canada and the one store that I make excuses to visit every single day on a trip.

Oh, and aren't baby dress bloomers just too cute?!

she said...

excellent. my roommate and i were at Tahr-jay the day L of L came to town. i bought a couple storage containers and REALLY considered the ceramic planters (you HAVE to have one of them for your deck, mme.).

always your parallel-o-friend,

Yelena said...

oh, they have such cute stuff! i was just at target and saw some men's dress shirts with the cutest patterns!!! for only $20!


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