28 June 2010

Bub? Oui...Bob.

I need this hair today.  Right now.  
With lots of poofing and bobbing about the streets of Paris.
Hell, if I had that kind of natural curl and volume, 
I'd be smiling that smile too.

"You know, Bub."
"Oui, as in Bub Dylan."
"Oui, Bub."

Feeling a bit random,


UmberDove said...

And it's little fantasies like this that always leave me reconsidering long hair.

After all, I've got some wave, some curl, some [please tell me it's endearing] frizz.

jordan said...

oh MAN that hair. i've got a friend who looks a lot like this lady, awesome natural curl and all. i'm often envious of her gorgeous locks.


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