23 June 2010

For the Love of Light

I am beyond in love with evening summer light right now.  Doesn't the ethereal dreaminess just immediately relax you?  Since this summer is all about patience, I am all about trying to find ways to wait calmly.  These pictures will do until I can grab some of that light my own self.

1. Summer moved on …, 2. Abstract :: Summer, 3. in summers evening light, 4. ~ Strawberries, cherries and an angel's kiss in spring, my summer wine is really made from all these things. ♥, 5. I Run on the Road Long before i Dance under the light  :: HBW, 6. summer light, 7. Summer Sunshine, 8. summer has a voice, 9. Summer light, 10. Summer Light, 11. for emma, 12. I Think I'm Drunk, 13. Bale Of Straw II, 14. Spinning Gold 3, 15. the constant gardener. ~130~365, 16. Summer / landscape / sunset / rainforest / tropical / palm tree / sun light


Jaime said...

I wish we could just get some of that dreamy light around here - it has been dreary and overcast forever it seems. I miss the summers from my childhood where every evening felt like that, and felt like they would last forever!

resolute twig said...

beautiful :)

The Noisy Plume: said...

Um. Yes. The Gold of evening is truly.

hroberts1005 said...

These pictures are gorgeous! x


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