05 July 2010

Who knew Ikea could be so amazing?

I've fallen head over heels with the fantastic styling of Lo Bjurulf, and am positively amazed that these are Ikea pieces.

Please join me in swooning:

I could get behind this kind of barn raising...

And my absolute favorite picture of all...


mme. bookling said...

I'll join you in swooning. You catch me, I'll catch you and then we'll spend all the money!

So, what at Ikea are the pieces I can buy?

UmberDove said...

are they carrying ponies now?

Lizzy Derksen said...


Mum said...

I've been absolutely craving a trip to Ikea. LoveloveLOVE that place.

My favorite foray was when I took Umber for her first visit.

SEVEN hours later...it was dark and we had broken the bank.

Aah. Good times, good times


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