02 July 2008

a day in the life (of my internet browser)

mmmmorning cute little black bird. are you flittery and fluttery today after last night's jauntings to TWO, yes, TWO restaurants? how lewd of us.

as i eat my mid-morning snack of apple and aqua, i have decided to twitter about the links on my site under visual inspiration. Here goes!

Link #1 -From 3191: a year of evenings. I am amazed at how these girls do this and often think of the process/communication involved. Do you think they say something about a color they might use that evening? If I were doing that project, I would spend ALL evening EVERY evening snapping away to make sure I got THE shot, you know? Well, it's stunning - all my banter aside. If I had to take a picture from the evening, it may/may not include cocktails at The Saint and a bottle of wine at Thomas St. Bistro.

Moving on to link #2: Apartment Therapy. Unfortunately, today's posting was about collapsible wheel barrows. IF we had a garden and IF we were inclined to spend money on a wheelbarrow instead of the Spring 2008 Prada Fairy Bag then perhaps this would be relevant. But here you go, nonetheless.

But I DO love this post, which was added in the hour it took me to put this together. You know how much I love me the library and encourage its use!

On to link #3: April Greer Photography
As we have seen FIRST HAND, April is one of the most wowza photographers in Seattle. I don't check her website often, but I do read her blog quite a bit. Today's picture is taken from that:

The 4th link is one of my PERSONAL FAVORITES: Visually Ink Lined (pronounced inklined, in my mind...not INK...LINED). It's this great new blog I discovered! It's two friends & neighbors, both artists (in their different genres) who have this adorable blog full of visual inspiration on design, art, fashion, photography, writing, restaurants...well, you get the point. Random, giggly, whimsical, and fierce - those women. I hope I get to meet them some day b/c they are so the next big thing, in case you didn't know. I wish they would take a business picture together so I could post it here. hhmmmm. Ideas for photo shoot?

The 5th link is Design Sponge: Today's entry is a little funny - but also useful. It's the DIY of a six-pack caddy. Though used here for condiments, I am thinking of something else when I hear six-pack, I don't know about you. Perhaps we can throw this together for next week's camping trip?!! What you doing tonight!??? :) (i have been having art envy as you make amazing things all day and i can't remember the last time i touched my watercolors!)

Link #6 has been somewhat disappointing to me since I have added it. Domino Mag's daily dose blog, but today's is rather bright and cheery. This lamp makes me feel so good...just like the bathroom at The Saint last night, so bright and full of happy energy. Not to mention, it would look so great in your new living room!

Link #7 is one of my former students photography site, Still Shutter. He is a rather talented and mysterious young man, but a stunning photographer. He is one of those artists to whom you are happy to attach yourself and watch the process of his art unfold before your eyes. I hope he gets some more in his portfolio soon.

Link #8 is the photographer for whom Erin works. She doesn't have her own site yet, but I have it up there as a means of supporting her. Here is a picture of her that he took.
Next link is SF Girl by the Bay which YOU turned me on to! Today's post is two-fold, and I am grabbing the second. She has been really instrumental for my progress in the visual arts - design and color and whimsy! This post is about film sets, and I just love it. My favorite one she posted? Cliche, perhaps...but also very classic: (It was a toss up b/w that and Pulp Fiction)

Last but not list on my listling of linklings is Melissa's (our blog friend in Arizona) photography website : SweetBeePhoto. What a talented lady. (One of my favorite shots which may or may not be our very own PLUME.)

It's amazing how looking at beautiful things moves me, awakens me, inspires me, and calms me. Perhaps you have known this about yourself for some time - but my precious birdling, I am just discovering my wings.


mme. bookling.


UmberDove said...

Happy, happy images you leave me today! And such tough choices, I mean a collapsible wheelbarrow or the Prada fairy bag? What's a girl to do? (well, I don't have an outside garden right now, so I guess I'll just have to get the Prada bag, darn.)

And Miss Plume, if you are out there reading this, Melissa's picture of you is STUNNING. How very evocative and stormy. I think we need to fly her out to Seattle to take pictures of us (white dresses, in the woods with twigs in our hair, men's hats and snifters of scotch in a library, or black and white overexposed on a rocky Seattle beach, what do you think?)

mme. bookling said...

ooohhh, i think this sounds perfect. i want all three ideas.

give me give me give me. all your ideas.

Melissa said...

The photo is of our lovely Plume.

Do you want the whole story of how that photo came to be?

mme. bookling said...

M! Of course we do...don't tease us!

Melissa said...


Well, it all started with my husband informing me that the night we were going over to RW & Plume's house for dinner was also the brightest night of the year (random facts that he acquires from working at a radio station). I had a little bulb of inspiration and Jillian and I both got dolled up and headed on into the desert. Mind you, this is after about 2-3 margaritas (Plume makes them dirty). So we stumble and giggle our way out there all the while I am trying to manually focus my camera! We spent a good hour out there by her ponds before the guys came out and "rescued" us! I still remember how beautifully bright the moon was.

This is the same night we discovered that ginger snaps are very yummy when dipped in margaritas! Ha!

Do you have a facebook? If so you can look at the rest of the photos from that series here:


And if you don't have facebook, you really should!

Melissa said...

And just on a side note, all the photos were taken by moonlight only. No flash, nothing.


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