24 July 2008

Into the East

Can we please spend another day dreaming of foreign lands? Yesterday I needed that breath of quiet as a means of escape. Today I hope to use it as means of inspiration as I step through the doorway out of the shade of my melancholy into the light of a renewed spirit.

From Penelope Loom (above) and Sarah Jane (below).

It is no great secret that my soul does not belong in America but rather in the Banyan trees and rice fields of the East. I know the history there would seep up through my toes and a connection far older than my 28 years would be completed.

A picture of quiet (above) and serenity (below).

What do you say Mme.? Will you sail away with me for one more day? Under a blue sky heavy with thunder, in a boat big enough for two?


mme. bookling said...

oh dear dear me, this is so easy on my tired eyes.

i too walk through those doors with you - having honored my melancholy well with baths and tears - and now step into hope of austerity.

my soul belongs in the french riviera and almafi coast of italy - too bad our souls are so far away.

at least our bodies can reside only 112 feet from the other.

breathing deeply due to your post, soul, and love.

The Noisy Plume: said...

I want to live in that tree.
I do.
I do.

UmberDove said...

It's big enough to share. Let's buy a plane ticket today.

mme. bookling said...

omg, i just had the most fabulous idea of all ideas.

what if we decided NOT to all meet (M, Plume, Umber, Mme.) until a certain time and place...such as

Thailand, 2012?

OOOOH. so romantic, non?


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