21 July 2008

what my spam brings me.

good morning, umberdovely. (do you like your new nickname? i am rather proud of it!)

Well, often my visual inspiration for the day comes from my email updates, and I really enjoyed two of the entries I came across recently.
Entry No. 1-
I got an email last night with one of my favorite ladies, the popular ms. maggie gyllenhaal.

(i hate to brag, but some beautiful gay man in savannah mistook me for her once! oh, what delight was mine that day. you should have seen my strut.) Did you know her middle name is RUTH?!

So I decided to go perusing for pictures of her, but found some shoots sadly lacking. She will probably be on every cover everywhere b/c of the batman movie, but still.


such a lovely, poised, and unpretentious woman.

Entry No. Two-

I got a second email this morning from bcbg - an update about the fall line. After a quick looksie, I found some jems indeed. I do have an admited affinity for bcbg as most of my dresses come from their sale racks. I rather appreciate the cool colors and flow, but also the simple and classic structure. I feel comfortable and very candace in their peices.

Here are some tidbits to ease your eyes this monday morning after a rather busy weekend. Go peruse the lookbook of the Fall 2008 campagin, if you dare.

i love the pants that i highlighted via red box

These colors and shapes are just so subtle and shifty - just like me. :)
After eye candy such as this,
perhaps I should rethink my spam filter.

au revoir, until 1pm for a bday lunch.



UmberDove said...

Miss M. RUTH G. is indeed such a lovely women (those eyes, sheesh!) and looking at those photos again reminds me...

We really need to have our photo shoot. I think more people should have beautiful shots taken of themselves (rather than reserving the dress-up camera-time for weddings and the like) and that they should revisit those images because who doesn't need to see a picture and say "Gosh, that's gorgeous, oh wait, hold on, that's me!"?????

I'm thinking old Glamorshots had something going....
(oh please God, let there be glamorshots of CRM age 13 somewhere out there! hehehehe)

mme. bookling said...

hah, my parents were too poor for glamour shots, though my oldest sister had them done at 18.

Glamour shots were to the 80s what Facials are to the 00's.

I am sure this "oh my gawd, i am gorgeous..." exclamation happens with SOMEONE i know who is rather an expert at looking fierce in pictures.

perhaps it's time to share a bit of your collection?

Erin Morris said...

Sophia Ruth Morris. :)

mme. bookling said...

OOOH, Sophia Ruth is divine. I should have thought of it - oh well, will be content to love your little sophie instead.

Melissa said...

I love Maggie. Period. She is my number 1 girl crush. I even considered opening a bakery and getting an arm tattoo after seeing the movie Stranger Than Fiction. Crush Crush!

(I did have glamour shots when I was about 14. My husband covets them!)

UmberDove said...

Yes with the Glamorshots Melissa! I want to see them!

And I know exactly what you are talking about with her tatted up arm in that movie (I think that was the original thing that made me fall for her and want even more tatoos).

mme. bookling said...

CONCUR! M- post those glamour shots!

mme. bookling said...

Totally! I LOVED her in STF - but I actually loved her first in 1) Donny Darko and then 2) Mona Lisa's Smile.

But I am a sucker when women do the 20s pin curl and wear read lips.

AvenueFog said...

Ladies, I'd love to have you down for a weekend in my fair city. We can dine, dance, get our toes done, and drive to Arden Fair in Sacto for.... Glamour Shots!

Look they even do airbrushing! Score!

Arden Fair
1689 Arden Way
Sacramento, CA 95815
Phone: (916) 923-3881
Distance: 83 Miles
Airbrush Makeovers available at this location

Melissa said...

Glamour shots... what do I get if I show them?

Arm tattoos... I am still contemplating this, seriously. I'm just not sure if it will be as sexy on me as it is on Maggie.

mme. bookling said...

avenue fog- oh arden fair!!! i think i was afraid for my life once there. but what a blast that would be!

m- you should do it! you are already sexy - a tatoo can only enhance it. also, what's with the always wanting stuff?!! i dont' have any contests or jewels to give. i suppose that if you post them, you will get a big fat COMMMENT from me! :)


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