25 August 2008

Dear L.A.M.B, you've captured my heart.

Sometimes, a girl needs to be surrounded by beauty.

She knows she cannot possibly buy one single thing because she is in savings mode, but she needs to see patent, smell leather, hear live piano, and take a deep breath for herself.

So she goes to Nordstrom's. Not just any Nordstroms...THE Nordy's - THE flagship store. Even just browsing is like a spa experience - soft lights, easy smells, happy sales-people.

As soon as she heaves open the big glass door separating herself from the hurried, map-laden tourists of downtown, she finds the breath she was looking for all day. She makes a bee-line for the shoes.

Many times, she wells up tears - shoes can do this to her. Shoes represent the essence of a woman she has worked ferociously at trying to recapture within her. A woman full of fancy, whimsy, playfulness - a chameleon. A woman smart, serious (but not too serious), full of laughter and martinis. A woman daring, sexual, evocative. A woman pink, purple, green. A woman created to portray all that is beautiful in the divine, all that is sinuous and sinister, all that is pretty for pretty's sake.

As the grand piano sings tunes of the 20's, she wanders to the couture section...and there it is.
Ladies and Gents, I give you...
The LAMB Patent Leather Ankle Rosemary Boot. Heaven, thy name is boot.

this was the beauty she needed today - to remember herself.
self, you are one gorgeous autumn.

1 comment:

UmberDove said...

Oh my Lord.

Damn savings.



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