22 October 2008

journals and acorns

it's another day in neon paradise here on floor 17.
i have had two cups of tea - one decaffeinated, one not.
i am working on a mocha (which was an accidental purchase from a coworker and she gave it to me) that i cannot stop drinking.
i have ripped a hole in my stocking.
it's a damn good thing it's my thursday-that-is-friday.

however, in my well-paid time, i have stumbled upon some lovelies i want to show you! you're gonna love this post.
i was wandering around some bookish blogs and found the author keri smith and her blog, wish jar. as i perused her blog, i found one of her books wreck this journal upon further investigation, and a long perusal through some flickr groups, i deduced that this is a journal with instructions in creativity on each page. here are some of my favorite entries.

bring this book in the shower with you

how to wreck a journal

so the general idea is to reteach the brain about creativity. i doubt my ability to do those assignments seriously, and because of this - i think it would be a great exercise for me. a lot of schools have got on board with this idea and are purchasing the books in droves to distribute as curriculum. fabulous business idea, no?!!

but another thing i found that i know you would love because you love:
1. miniature things
2. felted things
3. nature things
4. random things...
are these CUTE felted mini-acorns that i found on knack - the blog i posted about yesterday! she found lilfish studios' etsy shop who makes these sweeties.
don't you need them?

strangely enough, our friend she also posted about a random acorn find this morning. we can't decide how we feel about it.

we give you the Williams-Sonoma Acorn Pan Cakelet (as featured on apartment therapy).

what do you think? i think i am mortified but cannot figure out why. perhaps if you put cream-cheese frosting on the "cakelets," i will get over that mortification.

real quick.

happy vacation to you, doves in umber.
~mme. bookling


she said...

this is strange. somehow your comments are opening on the same page as tne entry, below it. i have never experienced this on blogger before. what have you tweaked, blogstructuress extraordinaire?

just seeing the cakelets again makes me shudder anew.

however, those little other ones are darling.

thesaint said...

Better hide those from the felt squirrels... pesky little fuckers!



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