15 October 2008


it's all about pink right now
not because it's the new black, but hello!
and also, because our lovely kjk loves some pink....

so in honor of all of the above, here are the pink things i found today on the world wide webulars.
  • Pink Posts by SF Girl by the bay. I loved this cabinet by quainthandmade and thought of you and your textile heaven/hell. Though I doubt it would stay pink for long. :)

  • here's to US in pink. pretty sexy, non? whatcha think?

  • because who doesn't need pink hand grenade soap?

  • or what about this amazing pink outfit?

  • that outfit would go GREAT with these funtasma boots!

  • On a more SERIOUS note, I love this bubble skirt from wearit: it's so funky, fresh, and feminine..and isn't that what PINK is all about?

  • i see one person wearing this dress. this color would look so great on her - on SHE!

  • i love this lumberjack tee! do you know any ladies who can swing an axe AND walk a ballgown? cuz i don't. snicker snicker.

  • the sunset and chocolate (what a name for what a combo!) bowl by KarinLorenc

  • or this pretty pink creamer by misspottery

well there you have it, kntc.
i guess i have to accept pink for it's beauty now.

i prompt you for a confession: do own anything pink?



she said...


i LOVE this post (of course) and am so totally flattered by being referenced in this FABULOUS blog space! you two are too much.

(nd in ths case, too much = just enough. just so ya know.)

ANYway, these things are just beautiful...that brown and pink bowl! why do brown and pink go so well together! and the wrap dress...well...i LOVE IT. as you knew i would.


UmberDove said...


A pink lumberjack shirt? The only way it could be any better is if it were printed on a gown (and I would wear it either way).

I think we look good in pink, better in the Paramount Theater, and even better in "going to a musical" outfits. Nice choice!

Hmm, pink confessions. I do have various pink "lady wear" and a big pair of pink knit socks but nothing juicy past that. I better remedy it with those pink plastic boots (oh wait, maybe NOT). But something...

Erin Morris said...

i have pink running shoes! and i have pinkerton the weezer album.

mme. bookling said...

well, i forgot about the TWO pink things i own.

1. pink and grey PINK (from vs) knee socks. they are never worn where ppl can see them.
2. i have this pepto-bismal pink flannel robe that is pretty great, but was a gift so that doesn't count!

umber - what about that delicious pink bird hoodie of yours? yes...

i also own pinkerton - the album. so yeah, i guess i am super girly and didn't know it.

kristen. you need that dress.


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