25 November 2008

in praise of gratitude

As my favorite holiday of the year approaches on Thursday, I have many things on my to do list:

  • make place cards for dinner (a watercolor nightmare that i will not give up on!)
  • buy wine
  • find a thanksgiving reading to ponder
  • make my gratitude list
    • And last, to enter "gratitude" into etsy and see what kind of goodies are being made especially for us to grab our thankfulness by the proverbial balls and demand some contentment, damn it.

      Graphic. I know.

      But sometimes a girl must ferociously pursue what continues to elude her...

      the gratitude necklace

      these gorgeous thank-you cards in a color that a certain someone finds a bit irresistible these days...

      the gratitude bag - what an adorable idea for a gift bag!

      this may be a little sneak-peek into my aforementioned gratitude list, but there is sometimes when all i can do is journal...and i am thankful, oh so thankful, for blank pages in pretty books that contain all my cross thoughts.
      they contain the ugliness
      so i no longer have to

      it's kind of a crappy deal for them, being so pretty and all...
      this gratitude ecofriendly journal would do the trick.
      {perhaps it would only contain all my contented thoughts...and though small at first, as with any seed, with nurturing...would grow}

      and while we are on the subject of writing...there is nothing like a good pen to start {and quickly end if it's bad} a good scribble session. i have a most lovely pen, and perhaps it needs a new home in this adorable fall case.

      i thank you for a lovely year of friendship, frolics, and frivolity.
      ~lady whit


      UmberDove said...

      I love that every time I go to leave a comment, the first phrase in my head is always "Hells Yeah!" I'm thankful for that.

      But seriously, I think gratitude shared is one of the best human emotions out there. How 'bout this for an idea as a T-Day activity: We bring or make 3 "thank you" cards and really ponder out who in our lives we need to thank, write them up and mail them out. I think that's how I want to celebrate (in between my thankfulness for cheese and mashed potatoes and pie of course) my Thanksgiving.

      Iscah Mara said...

      it's been so long since i enumerated all the reasons i'm thankful, i'm not even sure i would know where to begin. but, as i am - yet again - inspired by this dear lady, here goes:

      * the view of the evergreens from my couch
      * a functioning internet
      * our cribbage board
      * ben's shoulders
      * a potable cheap wine
      * my deliciously soft brown afghan from a certain knower of my soul
      * a clean car
      * always having someone to call when the need or mood strikes
      * books
      * grocery money
      * not entirely losing my faith with humanity when offered a fiercely convincing opportunity to do so

      it's a feeble list, but a start.

      mme. bookling said...

      feeble is best.
      especially when coming from the tower you are.


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