18 November 2008

things that remind me of you

in my internet sojourning, i continually stumble upon things that remind me of you...certain little wisps of things that seem to be made of the same soul stuff as you. [unfortunately, some of these items found on etsy are sold because i have been compiling this list for some time!]

i can see you sauntering down to our tea shop in this little day dream dress:

one of the first things that intrigued me about you and your art is your fascination with the cycles of life. i love the strange bone collections on display in your house and thought this would be just perfect for around your neck: the pterodactyl necklace.

This loop redwood and buttercup ring seems like the perfect extension of your love and identification with redwoods.

In fact, I found quite a few "redwoody" things that share your song.
the redwood curly bowl

big red by brisherdesigns

I see you fluttering about your studio with happy and somber purpose, nourishing your soul and giving a rare and beautiful show to others in the process...perhaps wearing something unassuming and comfy as this hummingbird tee:

In these cold months, we are privileged enough to live in a place that actually benevolently gives us weather! With weather comes accessories! This hooded scarf and sally green coat belongs with you:

I love stumbling across you all over the internet,
mme. bookling
I am very proud to announce the publication of Umberdove's official website. Please go see what this girl is made of...

1 comment:

UmberDove said...

I love this.

Every last one.

That dress (I swear I had hearted it ages ago when I stumbled across it for the first time) looks JUST like me. I love that you see me in pictures, in images, in created objects, that you see me beautiful.


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