18 February 2009

kate towers breaks my heart

oh my goooooodddnnnneeesssss.
today i discovered kate towers via one of my favorite design blogs: bliss.

This Portland-based, self-taught seamstress genius, Kate has come out with three lines that i took a few minutes to peruse (waiting for the zucchini casserole to bake, you know), and i tell you - there is not ONE SINGLE THING in this woman's collection that i wouldn't wear.

The latest: Sauvie Island

Golden Hour

Wit & Prim

i hurts.
it hurts sooo good....

mme. whistful.

1 comment:

UmberDove said...

This looks like you. Like someone out there saw you serious blond bangs flipping about playfully in the wind and designed a collection around it.

I love it.


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