28 April 2009

things that make me smile wednesday

it's here again.
hap, hap, happy wednesday.
i hope that my note of sarcasm is detected, for this morning (which is really afternoon) i feel like crawling onto the sofa with my comforter, hot tea, and movies. i woke up feeling very sick and cranky after a long night of computer frustrations and cake baking.

so today's list, the wednesday smiles, it's all about comfort.

(i may have already mentioned this designer, but i LOVE it so...)

nothing can bring a warm smile like an inviting, stylish kitchen.
this bookroom makes me smile as anything lately that has SPACE brings me immense satisfaction

this chic vintage pattern makes me smile,
courtesy of sew-retro

this happy little vintage tulip bowl makes me smile

this old picture of bikers around greenlake make me grin!
via vintageseattle

off to hibernate,
oodles of love.

1 comment:

UmberDove said...

I could write a whole story based solely on that kitchen photo. There would be grape vines out the back and the dusty scent of rich soil on a warm afternoon, horses with the glossiest chestnut flanks, sheets of crisp white linen and second glasses of port, a library with a ladder and leather club chairs, and dresses a little too sheer and flipping in the breeze.


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